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Are you ready for the post-AI world?

It’s inevitable that artificial intelligence will revolutionize industries and thus, the world

We’re an team from  top tier global institutions advocating for a new paradigm in AI development

Community Driven Source of Truth
Transparency and Ethical Operations
Breakdown of Walled Gardens in Proprietary Tools
AI post world, murky image

Today, AI models breakdown and have problems

Biased content from the start

Feeding the LLM biased content for creator's selfish purposes.

The model produces biased, fake content

AI tries to guess information to bridge knowledge gaps and produces false content as a hallucination.

Fake, biased information is then fed back to the AI

AI is continually trained on generated false data resulting in model collapse

New biased content published

Users do not have any guidelines to act on the biased content.

Biased Content


Can't act on the information

Model collapse

The dFusion Protocol governs AI through a Knowledge Mining

Validating knowledge and tools for the wider community

Community nominates new source

Nodes nominate new knowledge in accordance with the DAO constitution to enter knowledge pool.



Docs, websites, API's, etc...

Nodes Validate

Governed By

DAO Governance + Constitution

Nodes vote on whether new information can enter the knowledge pool.

Validator Votes

Validator Votes

Validator Votes

Distribution of Rewards

Succesful votes reward nodes for participation

Added to Knowledge Pool

If information is validated then it succesfully added to the knowledge pool.

Node operators run our Open Fusion Kernel SDK

Community projects can integrate with the Open Fusion Kernel
Open fusion Kernel
Pre-vet knowledge with LLM
Knowledge contribution
Knowledge Voting & Validation
Token & Partner staking
Run AI
Knowledge Pool

Which allows you to stake, vote, nominate tools and knowledge while earning REWARDS


Service Provider



Community / Ecosystem

Uses AI Service




Partner Pool

Partner Revenue

Referral fee



Ecosystem Rewards

Protocol Operations

Token burn

Pays in token

Community can stake proprietary tools and data for universal access

Breaking down walled gardens of proprietary services, tools and data aligning collective incentives

Community stakers
Community users
Service provider pool
Service provider
Staking Rewards
Democratising Enterprise Tools, Services and Data

Founded by Industry Veterans

Roger Ying
Co-Founder & CEO

Founder Pandai: grew to 200 staff in 5 markets, $300M AUM

Co-founder Policy Dock: insurtech for tier 1 insurers

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Patrick De La Garza

Columbia BS, Computer Science

CTO @ PolicyDock

Engineering lead at Zocdoc, Blockseer, Sephora

Zack Nelson
Head of Marketing

10+ years in crypto

Founded UW's Blockchain Society, led OKX's US expansion

Genzio CEO, advancing web3 for firms

Dave Shin

Head of Asia BD, Immutable; Author of ‘Web3 Era’ (Wiley)

Crypto OG since 2012

BA Economics, University of Waterloo

Audrey Lin
AI Advisor

AI practice @ McKinsey & Co, Quantum Black

Early AI team @ Uber

15+ years in hi-tech companies

Ivan Ravlich

Launched a successful token offering in 2018

Forbes 30 under 30

Stanford PhD Aerospace Dropout

Henry Ondo

COO, Bastion Trading ($1B+ Crypto Hedge fund)

Executive coaching to numerous crypto start-ups

Danny Yang

Co-founder @ Policy Dock

Stanford PhD & MS, Computer Science

Founder of Blockseer, Maicoin, Metagood (Onchain Monkey )

Roger Ying
Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CEO
  • Co-founder @ PolicyDock (VC-backed)
  • In Fintech since ‘09 @ NYSE: YRD and Pandai ($300M AUM)
  • MS in MS&E, Stanford University
No items found.
Patrick De La Garza
Co-founder & CTO
Co-founder & CTO
  • CTO @ PolicyDock
  • Engineering lead at Zocdoc, Blockseer, Sephora
  • BS in CS & Maths, Columbia University
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Zack Nelson
VP Marketing
VP Marketing
  • Founder @ Genzio
  • 10+ years in crypto: Founded  Blockchain Society@ Univ. Wash, led OKX's US expansion and Product @ Ripple
No items found.
Dave Shin
  • Head of Asia BD, Immutable
  • Author of ‘Web3 Era’ published by Wiley
  • Crypto OG since 2012
  • BA Economics Univ.  Waterloo
No items found.
Audrey Lin
AI Advisor
AI Advisor
  • Led AI practice @ McKinsey & Co, 
  • Early AI team @ Uber and 15+ years in hi-tech companies
  • MS in CS from Carnegie Melon
No items found.
Ivan Ravlich
  • Hypernet Labs: Launched  ICO in 2018 ($13M raised)
  • Forbes 30 under 30
  • Stanford PhD Aerospace Dropout
No items found.
Henry Ondo
  • COO, Bastion Trading ($1B+AUM stabilized volatility at Tether)
  • Advisor to  crypto start-ups
  • 11+ years in Equity Derivatives @ Citi and UBS
No items found.
Danny Yang
  • Co-founder @ PolicyDock
  • Stanford PhD in AI, CS
  • Founder of Blockseer, Maicoin, Metagood (Onchain Monkey )
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Token Summary

Maximum Limited Supply
Protocol Usage Burns Tokens
Staking Nodes and Partners
Validation & RPGF Rewards

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